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Tofu & Shiitake Stir-Fry

A wonderfully wholesome tasting dish. With the subtle smoky flavour of Shiitake Mushrooms combined with the goodness of Organic Tofu makes this a hearty and healthy recipe for all the family.
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Basic Sushi Nori

Simple but stylish - Our simple recipe for creating stunning rolled sushi nori to cater for everyones tastes.
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Tofu Miso Soup

'Miso' is a traditional Japanese soup that can be eaten for breakfast or lunch but always eaten at least once a day by Japanese people. Made from Dashi (stock) and softened Miso Paste. This Tofu Miso soup is easy to make and tastes fantastic.
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Thai Green Curry

Not typically Japanese, but it is a real favourite and uses Sanchi Thai Rice Noodles. Quick and easy to prepare. A wonderfully fresh tasting green curry recipe, add cooked prawns, chicken or vegetables to create an even more flavoursome meal.
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